How To Trim Video In PicsArt 2024 ?

trim video

Trim video in Picsart app is very easy to understand. You can give an amazing look to your videos and photos by this app. It enhances the visuality of your editing and has a lot of key features and tools that help you to get benefited through it. The most interesting feature of Picsart is trimming video which you can easily cut and add any kind of video together and make a new perfect video which you can share on multiple social media platforms.

How To Trim Your Videos In PicsArt??

For this purpose you have to follow some very easy steps which are described below and also see other editing tutorials to enhance your editing skill.

Step # 1→
  • Download the Picsart app on your device (mobile phones, web etc).
  • By Clicking Here, You can download picsart Mod apk.
Step # 2→
  • Open the picsart app on your device.
Open Picsart
Step # 3→
  •  Tap on the “+” button which is available on it and you can easily begin your work.
select video in picsart
Step # 4→
  • You select any kind of video from the gallery which you want to trim.
Select video in picsart
Step # 5→
  • The trim video icon is available below the toolbar.
Trim Icon
Step # 6→
  • Drag the handles on the timeline to the desired portion of the video you select.
trim in picsart
Step # 7→
  • Press the check mark button to apply trim.
Step # 8→
  • At the end, tap on the save button to keep your trim video save in your mobile phone.
Save option in picsart

Preview The Trim Video In Picsart

After finalizing the trim video in the picsart app you can easily preview the before and after of the video. By which you can easily make sure that you achieve your desired edited video. Any sort of changes can be made through it and it allows you to ensure that their edits are the same as you want them.

Trimming of multiple of videos in picsart

You can easily trim multiple and different sorts of videos at once in a single video. It is a mindblowing feature of picsart which is very time saving and helps in seamless editing.

Trimming removes unwanted parts or objects.

You can easily trim the unwanted part or object or even person from your videos. It is a very effective way to remove them from your videos which is incredibly easy and intuitive to use it that allows you to remove unwanted parts and create a more engaging and concise video through picsart.


By finalizing it, You can edit your multiple videos with picsart trimming option tools and making video collages with the help of trimming tool.

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