PicsArt MOD APK VS Photoshop Express MOD APK

Photoshop express mod apk
Picsart Mod apk
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App NamePhotoshop Express
App Versionv 14.7.11 MB
Size224.5 MB
Android requirementAndroid 8.0 or up
SubscriptionPremium Unlocked
Last updated : 28 May 2024

PhotoShop Express MOD APK

It is the most popular photo editing app. They have strong editing capabilities and a user-friendly interface. It has a huge variety of tools features available like cropping, adjusting brightness, filters, effects etc and its most popular features like spot healing and removal of unwanted objects.

Photoshop has a lot of expressed features like you can cut, crop and flip your photos. It has a vast variety of filters that you can adjust the brightness of your pictures and videos and you can also color balance and add color contrast in it. You can make a photo collage by adding different styles and kinds of photos by customizing the layouts and templates to make it single.

Distinctive Features:

A lot of useful features are listed below. By using them, one can take their photos at a very professional level.

Professionally Designed Interface

Photoshop express mod APK is a professional designed interface with a lot of features like clean layouts, language designing, and intuitive editing tools that help you in making your project and images classy.

Multiple Formats

This mod apk supports various photo formats for editing and exporting photos like JPG (joint photographic experts), PNG (portable network graphics), TIFF (tagged image file format) and RAW image files etc.

Erase background And Objects

This is very advanced and useful feature with the help of that you can easily fix unwanted things which you can be display in your pictures or also It has a cut out tool by which you can refine the edges and adjust the image.

Editing Fonts With Mind Blowing Ideas

Photoshop express mod apk has a wonderful editing fonts in which you can add many stylish quotes or poetry to your images or videos. You can design wedding cards, invitation cards and birthday cards etc.

Access Premium Features

By downloading Photoshop Express APK You can get access to a wide range of features and apps like photoshop illustrator, indesign, premier and pro or much more and it is totally free in this modded version.

How To Download & Install PhotoShop Express MOD APK???

Downloading and installing the Photoshop express is very easy, you can download it by doing some clicks.

Note: If you have already install the Photoshop express app so firstly delete it and then install the modded version by doing these steps.

Step # 1→
  • You can download the latest version of Adobe Photoshop by clicking on the download button. The downloading will start and they take a few seconds to download it.
Step # 2→
  • After downloading, There is an option to install it. Click on that button and they will go to the android section. In there you can allow the Unknown sources.
allow unknown sources
Step # 3
  • After clicking the system will install the app, The icon of the Photo shop express mod apk is appear in your home screen.
Home screen photoshop

Some Screenshots of Adobe Photoshop Express Mod Apk

Download Photoshop In PC (Windows)

You can download Photoshop Express by doing these methods.

Step # 1→
  • Firstly, open the Microsoft store.
microsoft store home page
Step # 2→
  • Then search, “Photoshop” on search bar.
search photoshop in microsoft store
Step # 3→
  • So on top, You can see Photoshop app, click on the download button and install it.
photoshop microsoft store

Note: If you don’t want to perfom these steps. Simply click on the download link button which is given below.

Download Photoshop In IOS (Apple Devices)

You can download Photoshop for iOS By doing these steps.

Step # 1→
  • Firstly, Open the Apple App store.
Apple store home page
Step # 2→
  • Click on the search bar and search “Photoshop”.
photoshop ios store
Step # 3→
  • Click on the Photoshop App and download it.
photoshop express ios store

Note: If you don’t want to perfom these steps. Simply click on the download link button which is given below.

Comparison of PicsArt MOD APK Vs Photoshop Express MOD APK

Here you are looking for the comparison between picsart mod apk and Photoshop mod apk which is listed below.

Customer Base


Picsart has a large and diverse customer with millions of users around the world. People who love to edit the photos and create unique contents can like this app.


Adobe Photoshop has a massive customer base with millions of users. It is used by professional photographers, graphic dressing etc.

Social Participation


Picsart provides a cool feature in remix chat. You can collaborate and chat with others users while working on a project together or you can share your creations with the picsart community.


Photoshop Express mod apk primarily focused on individual editing and design work, collaborates on projects,and connects with other creators.

Key Features


Picsart has very amazing key features. It has magic effects that allow you to add stunning effects to your photos or cut out tools to remove background from photos.


Photoshop express mod apk easily enhances your photos with one touch adjustment and applies filters, effects, or add borders and text to the pictures.

User Friendliness


It is very user friendly because it has a clean interface which makes it simple to navigate and use it and they also provide simple tools and features.


It is absolutely designed to be user friendly whether you are a beginner or you are an experienced editor. Its tools and features are organized in a simple way to make it easy.

Professional Use


It is usually known for its fun feature and therefore the many professionals used it for their artistic workouts. Advanced editing tools help you to achieve professional looking results. It has versatility to meet your needs.


Photoshop express mod apk tools help you to achieve professional quality results. Whether you are a designer, photographer, or content creator etc. It has a lot  of tools to enhance your photo quality.



It has a lot of collaboration features by which you can pale people at once. You also can share your projects with eachothers.


Photoshop express mod apk doesn’t have a collaborative feature. It is primarily designed for individual photo editing and enhancement.

Subscription plan (Pricing)


  • Picsart pro monthly subscription 7$ per month.
  • In Indian rupees it monthly subscription cost is 580 INR.
  • In Pakistan rupees its monthly subscription cost is 1957 PKR.


  • The full version of photoshop,plus adobe express premium plan 23$  per month.
  • In Indian currency 1,909 INR.
  • In Pakistani currency 6,431 PKR.

Reviews Of Photoshop Express MOD APK

Frequently Asked questions???

With Photoshop Express, effortlessly edit, explore your creative side, and share your photos to make them stand out on social media. With quick actions, apply looks, smoothen skin, add a smile, replace the background, and more.

Photoshop Express Photo Editor is the ideal tool to teach the fineries of photo editing. It’s intuitive enough for beginners and has plenty of headroom for savvy users, too.

Installing on iOS or Android device or desktop for the first time? Select Download to begin downloading Photoshop Express. Follow the onscreen instructions to sign in and install.


Photoshop express mod apk editing tools are very user friendly. They have an extensive range of editing features like filters, adjustment, cropping tools that make it popular among beginners and professionals. Picsart is highly regarded as a versatile and engaging platform for photo editing and artistic expression. The availability of stickers, clipart is a big plus point for downloading it.

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