Download Latest Version (24.5.1) Of PicsArt For IOS (MacBook)

App Name

Picsart Photo Video Editor AI

Latest Version


Application Developer

PicsArt Incorporated


Photo Editing, Filters, Frames


238.3 MB


Gold & Premium

App NamePicsart Photo, Video
Latest Versionv24.5.1
Application DeveloperPicsArt Incorporated
ClassificationPhoto Editing, Filters, Frames
Volume238.3 MB
SubscriptionGold & Premium
Last Updated : 27 January 2024

Picsart is also available for ios devices, including Iphones, Ipads and ipods. You can easily download it from the app store and start exploring its amazing features and creative tools. You can edit multiple photos, create collages, or you can also participate in social media platforms. You can share your content on social media and earn fame as well as followers.

It is very user friendly and its intuitive interface makes it so much easier for all the users to utilize its tools effectively. The regular updating feature makes it better and improves their features. Picsart is a great app to connect with experts and social media users. Apple users can have amazing expertise with it and it is also available for PC users.

How To Download??? (Apple Store)

You can download picsart for Ios By doing these steps.

Step # 1→

Firstly, Open the Apple App store.

Downloading Guidness
Step # 2→
  • Click on the search bar and search Picsart.
Step # 3→
  • Click on the Picsart App and download it.

Note: If you don’t want to perfom these steps. Simply click on the download link button which is given below.

  • After Downloading Picsart, the app is show on your home page screen. You can click on the app and enhanced your editing experience.
Downloading Guidness
  • After registering, The app wants to add a gold subscription if you don’t want it then simply use it free in limited editing mods.
Downloading Guidness

Gold Features For Picsart For IOS (MacBook)

There are a lot of features of the Picsart Gold app which are explained below.

AI Transformation

AI transformation is an amazing feature in picsart. This feature is absolutely mind blowing and you can turn yourself into a cartoon character, make your photos look like paintings, and also you can also swap your face with your favorite celebrities.

Pictures Editing Tools

Picsart for Ios has a wide range of editing tools which can enhance your photos, adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. You can also apply filters, text and stickers. The advanced tools like curves and perspective correction enhance your photos and videos.

Creative Effects & Filters

This app has a wide range of artistic features. It has a lot of features like oil paintings, water colors, and sketches which give your photos a unique look. With them you can easily transform your photos into art work and unleash your creativity.

Templates & Stickers

It has a wide variety of templates and stickers which helps you to enhance your photos and add a touch of creativity. You can choose a wide range of pre designed templates that give your photos a professional and polished look. They have an extensive collection of stickers.

Drawing Tools

IOS has fantastic options like digital drawing and painting. The adobe fresco which combines the power of photoshop brushes with the versatility of vector based drawing. These apps are perfect for unleashing your creativity and creating beautiful art work on your ios device.

Double Exposure

Double exposure is a creative technique where two images are blended together to create a unique and artistic experience.

Collage Maker

Picsart for IOS has a great collage feature in ios which allows you to combine multiple photos in one frame. You can choose different styles and layouts to decorate your pictures.

Camera Feature

In IOS, picsart has a built-in camera feature that allows you to take photos directly through the app and you can add creative filters, stickers, emojis and creative effects.

Magic Feature

Picsart in ios has a magical feature which gives a magical touch to your photos by which you can apply artistic look filters to your pictures.

Photo Remixing

Picsart has an amazing feature of remixing by which you can mix and match different kinds of photos by adding different effects overlays and blend them together.

Video Editing

In ios, picsart has an amazing editing feature which allows you to trim and merge clips, add filters, music, and text to your videos which make them unique and versatile.

User Friendly

It has a user-friendly interface which allows both beginners and experts to use it together. Its intuitive interface makes it more simple.

Social Platforms

In IOS, picsart you can share your hidden talent to your social media accounts and many other ways to get followers and get fame by it. You can also connect with the same minded people at this platform.

Gold Subscription

Picsart for IOS has a gold premium subscription and there cost is given below.

  • Gold subscription monthly cost for individual is 5$.
  • Gold subscription monthly cost for the team is 7$.
  • In Pakistan the monthly Gold subscription for individual cost is 1391 PKR.
  • In Pakistan the monthly Gold subscription for the team is 1948 PKR.
  • In India the monthly Gold subscription cost for individuals is 416 INR.
  • In India the monthly Gold subscription cost for the team is 582 INR.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions ????

Yes, There is a IOS version of picsart app where you can edit photos and videos.

Yes, There are some tools which are free in ios version.

Yes, It is totally safe to use picsart in ios devices.

Screenshots Of PicsArt for IOS

Users Review About Picsart for IOS

Conclusion About PicsArt For IOS

Picsart is a fantastic app for ios users where you can create collages, remix the images or you can edit the videos. IOS has  a very user-friendly interface. It has a lot of creative effects and filters which gives an amazing look to your pics. You can also add stickers and emojis to your photos to make them more attractive and visually beautiful.

The drawing tool can enhance the quality of your picture and you can draw a sketch of your photo to make it adorable. You can also use the double exposure effect and the different style of layouts to make a collage of different photos in one frame. It is some kind of fun app as well as an amazing one for editors and professional users. Both experts and beginners can gain benefit through this versatile app. You have endless possibilities to express your artistic side.