How To Do Screenshot And Screen Record In PicsArt 2024 ?

Screenshot and Screen Record

How To ScreenShot And Screen Record In PicsArt??

Screenshot and Screen record in picsart is very easy and you can easily learn how to take a screenshot in picsart. They have a lot of essential tools which are very specific and easy to use which are crop, rotate and adjust your screen shot. Screen recording is an amazing tool of pics art and it is very simple and easy to use. You can share your experience of using picsart app by screen recording. Some of the following steps are described below which may be help you in screen recording of your videos or projects.

How To Screen Shot???

Taking a screenshot is very easy in both android users and as well as Iphone users and there is further described below and also see other editing tutorials to enhance your editing skill.

  • The android user can take the screenshot of their desired need by just clicking the volume down button and power button simultaneously and yes the screenshot is taken.
  • The iPhone users can make it easily by tapping on the volume up button and power button at once and an easy screenshot is taken.
  •  After that a simple word pops up on the display bar “save” click on it and save it in your gallery or photo app.
  • Screenshot can also be saved in the form of PNG, JPG or as a profile project file.
Iphone Users 1

Edit Screen Shot After Capturing It

These steps are quite easy and very simple to edit any screen shot that you have taken in picsart. You can edit it by adding filters or crop it and make any desired changes you want in it or also you can transform it into an amazing outlook.

Sharing The Screen Shot Through Picsart

The screen shot that you have taken from the art can be easily shared on social media platforms and it is a very simplest feature by which you can connect with people directly through it and gain feedback from it.

How To Screen Record???

Step # 1→

Open the picsart app on your device.

Open Picsart
Step # 2→

The displayed screen has a lot of variety of options.

Step # 3→

When you open the app first of all tap on the “+” sign at bottom of screen

+ Option
Step # 4→

Here you access the editing tools. Swipe left to reveal the screen recording option. Tap on it and you enter in screen recording mode.

  • You can also “enable” and “disable” the recording by just tapping on the option.
  • You can also make it mute or by disabling the audio option which is available on it.
  • You can also set the timer of recording to enhance the quality of screen recording.

You Can Edit The Screen Recording After Finishing It

You can edit your video after screen recording on picsart app. A lot of editing tools are available which help you in editing your video  by trim, adding different kinds of effects, adjusting the color contrast and applying filters as per your desire on your editing.

Record Audio While Screen Recording In Picsart

In the picsart app you can record audio while screen recording. You can record both audio and video at once which gives you a large benefit and gives you the ability to capture the good quality video.

Pause And Resume The Screen Recording

In screen recording of pics art you can start recording and finish on your per desire. It is a very simple feature of pics art by which you can make different loops of a long video and make it shorter and time saving by this allow you to focus on the specific part of recording without stating it over and over again.


By finalizing it, You can easily screen shot and screen record your picsart project and share it on multiple social media platforms.

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