PicsArt Old Versions APK (All Versions) Download

Picsart Older versions

Picsart is a value added photo and video editing app. They have a lot of features which have changed according to the time and advancement in technology. Here we are discussing both the older versions and improvements in the latest version of Picsart Mod Apk which has a lot of key features which are totally free for their users. If you want to download in PC or IOS devices we also have it.

Why Do We Need Older Versions Of Picsart Mod Apk?

I might think some people prefer older versions of picsart because they might be more comfortable with their interface, layout and features. It’s the same as what you know and you will love that thing. Even that after day by day things are much be complex and that peoples think they are more reliable on older versions of picsart app so they download it and use it.

Older Versions

Here, are the some older versions of piksart mod apk. Download it and enjoy your loveable video editing experience.

Picsart has three phases of evolution. In their starting era which is between 2012 – 2014. In this era picsart has only some basic level of editing features such as cropping and adjustment of brightness and saturation. At this time there are no social media platforms where you can post and share your creations.

After this, there is the 2nd era of evolution. In this time Picsart expanded their features and added many editing tools like layers, masks and blending modes. Social media features were established in this era and content creators can follow each other and comment on each other’s posts or participate in different challenges. And this era is between 2014 – 2017.

After 2017 picsart has become more than just a photo editing app. It has totally evolved their functions and features. Picsart has added so many different features and expanded their tools like brushing tools, drawing tools and overlays tools. Picsart also introduced their picture remixing tools which allows users to create their most stunning pictures and videos. They also integrate with other social media platforms like facebook, instagram, linkedin and twitter. In 2023 picsart will introduce their AI which enhances your creations and makes them so unique.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions ????

Yes, Older version of picsart still support and you can download it and enhance your photo editing experience.

Yes, There are 100% safe and secure.

They can vary from versions however almost all tools are same but some new features are added in latest versions.

All the older version are given in this site and you can download here by clicking on the download button.


At last, picsart evolved with time and they added a lot of features to edit your photos and videos. You can participate in multiple challenges to enhance your skill and collect knowledgeable things from other creators. The older versions of picsart are for those people who think they cannot adapt new things too early and they depend upon old layout features which are easy to use and they used from a very long period. However, I also mostly used older versions because I also know their features and know their tools very much. So i loved it.