How To Add Outlines In PicsArt 2024?


Picsart is an amazing app with its alot of amazing features and tools.its wide range of features and tools helped you to enhance your photo and videos. It gives them an impressive can add any kind of text or outline border to your photo to give it a finished and polished look just like professionals. It’s definitely an amazing app for unleashing your creativity and making your photos stand out. For adding an outline border you can use the drawing tools.

How To Outline Borders In PicsArt?

For this purpose you have to follow some very easy steps which are described below and also see other editing tutorials to enhance your editing skill.

Step # 1→
  • Download the Picsart app on your device (mobile phones, web etc).
  • By Clicking Here, You can download Picsart Mod apk.
Step # 2→
  • Open the picsart app on your device.
Open Picsart
Step # 3→
  • Now tap on the “+”  icon.
resize photos
Step # 4→
  • Now choose the photo from the gallery or search it online or even you can take a new photo.
resize photos
Step # 5→
  • Tap on the Border icon to access your drawing tool which is available on the display bar.
outline border
outlines sceenshot
  • Tap on the Pencil icon to access your drawing tool which is available on the display bar.
screenshot picsart
draw icon screenshot picsart
  • Now choose the photo you want to edit in picsart or you can also click a new photo through it.
  • Choose the color from your outline and select the color pallete button.
  • Adjust the size of the brush by pinching your fingers on the screen.
  • Trace along the edges of the object or text in your photo to create the outlining.
  • Preview the outline.
  • Tap on the check mark icon to apply it.
Step # 6→
  • Now press the save option and save it in your gallery or any other project file you need.
Save it

PicsArt Outline Images On Computer Or For Mobile Devices Available

Yes obviously, You can add outline borders to your images by using computers. It just not limited to mobile devices. You can edit your photos on both computer and mobile phones and unleash your creativity.

Specific Tool For Outlining The Images

There are a lot of tools in picsart that help you to choose the quick outlining, brush option help you to allow precise and creative strokes.


At Finalizing, You can outline the borders of images and videos or also add multiple borders to the photos.

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