PicsArt MOD APK (v25.3.5) Download (Premium & Gold Unlocked) Android 2024

picsart mod apk

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Picsart AI Photo Editor, Video

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PicsArt Incorporated


Photo Editing, Filters, Frames


1 Billion+


Gold & Premium Unlocked

App NamePicsart AI Photo Editor, Video
Latest Versionv25.3.5
Application DeveloperPicsArt Incorporated
ClassificationPhoto Editing, Filters, Frames
Downloads1 Billion+
SubscriptionGold & Premium Unlocked
Last Updated : 12 July 2024

Hey Everybody, I hope everyone is in good spirits! Here, You are looking For the most effective and easy to use photo editor Mod Apk. That you can Edit your photos and enhance your looks. So you can upload your photos to your various Social media Platforms.(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Etc….)

So here your searching is over, You have reached the right place as you can get  the Picsart APK MOD where you can edit your photos, Removing backgrounds, and new backgrounds to your photo and enhance your picture with the new and amazing filters, Crop photos, Blur Background and many more other things which i briefly describe below. They also have IOS And PC app which you can use on your devices and enhance your editing skills. We also have a detail comparisons of Picsart with multiple photo editors and tutorials or blogs which help you to understand the multiple apps.

Describe PicsArt App?

Picsart is a multi performing editing photos and Videos app. When you download it you can do multiple things to enhance your image stabilization, Better coloring, Visualization. In their latest update you can do various tasks to edit your photos. PicsArt is known for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users.

Picsart is a very popular and skilled photo and video editing app which is available for all kinds of devices (IOS, Android or Windows). It provides users with a wide range of creative tools and features to enhance your Photos, Videos and make them so beautiful.

You can create multiple types of ads because picsart ads show how they can make pictures look much better. They use nice pictures to show what the app can do, like making cool effects and changing background images. You might see pictures that show how a photo looked before when they were captured  and how it looks after editing from Picsart APK.

Explain PicsArt MOD APK?

Picsart MOD APK is an upgraded alternative to the Picsart app. This Mod APK often offers premium features like access to a full range of filters, tools, and effects, without requiring a paid subscription. They also remove ads, Providing an ad-free experience, Stickers, Fonts, and other premium content to their users.

When you download the Premium gold unlocked MOD APk they will remove the watermark which cannot be done by the picsart app in their free version and they also can unlock higher resolution exports for free. It has an unlimited excess of their premium features which users can enjoy without giving a single penny!!!!

They also provide additional customization options or hidden settings that are not available in the official app which is offline access to premium features and even more the official app requires an internet connection for various tasks but in the MOD you can perform it without internet.

Why You Choose PicsArt MOD APK?

Picsart is a popular app which gained a specific amount of popularity in multiple different editing apps. It has a lot of important features and functionalities which are paid in the standard version. The MOD APK provides you all the premium features access for free.

The advanced feature of Picsart APK is that you cannot face Ads and Watermark issue which are so much annoying to use it but in this mod you cannot face this type of problems.

Distinctive Features:

There are a lot of key features of Picsart apk and I will give you the possible and accurate information related to the app. When you download it you can perform various tasks to edit your pictures and videos.

Unlock Gold Premium Subscription

In the Picsart app you have to unlock the gold subscription to enjoy their multiple effects, frames, templates but in there don’t worry at all. The premium gold subscription is unlocked. You will gain all the premium or paid functions for free.

World Wide Community

The Picsart app is a substitute for the different social media platforms where you can share your photos and videos with each other. Or also you can follow your best video editor on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter(X) to develop, polish and master your skills.

Advanced Photo Editing

Picsart mod apk can also provide a layer based editing system which allows you to work on different objects on the image. You can combine multiple images or add overlays. You can blend multiple images and create one complex structure and they also have the clone based system which allows you to create multiple objects in the same picture.

Futuristic Picture Remix

This app can give you the advanced level of photo editing. You can blend two or more images together using the double exposure technique. You can convert a photo to black and white while retaining specific color in the image. They also have HDR tools which give your image highlights and shadows that result in visually impactful photos.

Grid Line Camera

This line can help the photographer to suggest aligning important and proper subjects along their guidelines so they create visually balanced compositions. It can assist you keep the horizon level in landscape photography. When you capture the photograph of a straight line object such as buildings it can ensure that lines are parallel and not distorted and it can also help you crop the image or framing across the multiple shots.

No Watermark

The main problem of all the editing apps is their watermark embedded on all the videos and pictures. But in this case you don’t have to worry there is no more watermark in our picsart mod apk. Content without a watermark looks cleaner and less cluttered. This can enhance the overall visual effect and make the content more enjoyable for viewers. Content without watermark has no copyright issue.

Clip Art Gallery

Picsart Mod Apk has a clipart feature which allows users to access a gallery which is pre-designed graphics, illustrations and images that can be added to their photos or designs. It is a convenient way to enhance your creations with various decorative filters and effects.

Better Image Quality

PicsArt mod apk offers you various settings for image quality. Take a picture in high resolution mode so that when you enhance your image quality much and much better but if you capture on low end device picsart automatically stable the image and take the picture quality to better for their users.

No Ads Display

As you all know the ads are so much irritating and annoying. The major benefit of MOD APK is that you have no ads issue that can bother you so much, and you can pay your full attention to your work without displeasing from the ads.

Erase Background Objects

There are many things which you cannot be displayed in the photograph. You can easily remove a picture’s background by brushing on them and leave only the main subject or object visible.

Video Editing

Picsart mod apk also introduced video editing tools, this process is similar to photo editing but having some additional features tailored for video content. You can create your ads video in their video editing capabilities, the process is likely to be similar to photo editing but with additional features tailored for video content and you can easily share your videos to different social media platforms directly from the app.

Many Background Options

Picsart mod apk has multiple options of background which all are free. You can customize the appearance of backgrounds, adjust their colors, add stickers in the background and use artistic and thematic backgrounds which are designed for the specific type of occasions and seasons.

Easily Crop Pictures & Outline Borders

crop pic and outline borders in picsart

Cropping can help you to remove the unnecessary objects from the image and improve the focus on the main subject. You can adjust the frame to the principal object to create a specific visual impact. Outlining the border can draw the attention towards the central object of the photograph which provides you the visually pleasing and defined frame. It allows you to visually separate the object from the background or add artistic touch to your image.

Enhance Your Skin Color

Picsart mod apk has so many impressive tools which refine your body color such as lasso, brush, or magic wand, depending on the complexity of the image. They have smooth skin tone tool, soft glow tool, dodge and burn tool which help you to lighten or darken the skin tone and they also have AI which can automatically improve your skin tone with one click!

glow skin color in picsart

Enrich The Loveliness Of Your Eyes

eyes enrichment

You have various tools to enhance the beauty of your eyes, eye lashes, eye brows and also change the color of your eyes such as blue, green, gray, hazel, purple and multiple different colors options. You can use a cropping tool to focus on the eyes. Adjust the overall brightness, contrast, and saturation to enhance the photo’s general appearance.

Transform Hair Styles & Shades

In Picsart mod apk, You have various different styles which you can add into your image and look more elegant and cute or also you can change your hair color. You can adjust the intensity or opacity of the color to make it look natural.

hair colors and shade in picsart

Range Of Stickers

variety of stickers

In Picsart mod apk, You have variety of emoji stickers, seasonal stickers, quote and text stickers, frames and borders stickers, floral and nature stickers, animals and pets sticker, fashion and accessories stickers, travels and adventures stickers, food and drinks stickers, celebrities and pop cultures stickers, shapes and symbol stickers, comic and cartoon stickers, artistic and icons stickers, social media stickers and having so much different varieties of stickers.

Some More Distinctive Features

There is the several more features of MOD APK which are enlisted below:

  • High End Font 
  • Trim, Copy and add Text to the video
  • Photo & Video flash 
  • Collage Maker
  • Best effects & filters
  • Unique and Professional Effects
  • Pro FX Effects
  • Color Splash
  • Face Swap
  • Tilt Shift Tool
  • Callout
  • Flip & Rotate Image

Some Screenshots Of Picsart MOD APK

There is some screenshots of PicsArt Mod apk.

Comparison Between Picsart & PicsArt MOD APK???

FeaturesPicsArtPicsArt MOD APK
Ads DisplayYesNo
Vast Sticker GalleryNoYes
Premium UnlockedNoYes
AI FeaturesNoYes
Multiple FiltersNoYes
Unlimited EffectsNoYes
Unlimited BackgroundNoYes
Multiple FontsNoYes
Cropping ToolsYesYes

How To Download & Install PicsArt MOD APK???

Downloading and installing the Picsart Mod apk is very easy, you can download it by doing some clicks.

Note: If you have already install the picsart app so firstly delete it and then install it.

Step # 1→
  • You can download the latest version of picsart Mod apk by clicking on the download button. The downloading will start and they take a few seconds to download it.
My website screenshot
Step # 2→
  • After downloading, There is an option to install it. Click on that button and they will go to the android section. In there you can allow the Unknown sources. After this back towards the downloaded file of picsart mod apk and then again click on it.
Download guidness
Step # 3
  • After clicking the system will install the app, The icon of the picsart mod apk is appear in your home screen.
Download guidness

Note: You will have Android 6.0 or up to download the picsart mod apk.

Here, We have many older versions of picsart mod apk which you can also download.

System Requirement To Download PicsArt

ProcesserAt least Octacore 1.6 Ghz
RAMMinimum Upto 3GB
Operating SystemAt least Android 6.0
Device StorageEnough Storage to run the app
App PermissionCamera, Gallery

Some Tips To Use PicsArt App?

  • Open The App, Firstly click on the app which you download in your mobile.
  • Sign up or Log in, Then login to picsart if you dont have account then sign up and create an account.
  • Start up with a new project, Simply click on the + button to create a new project.
  • Explore Features, Picsart have multiple features choose one or more which you can apply on your project.
  • Choose Photo, You can choose among your photos which is in your gallery.
  • Apply Edits, Apply the filters or effects or much more which you want to edit your photos.
  • Save your Project, You can save your project by click on the save button which is above.
  • Share your creativity, You can share your pictures and videos in different social media platforms.
  • Participate in PicsArt Challenges, You can also participate in challenges and share your work in picsart Dedicated Community.

If You want to see more things about picsart app and how to use it, so see our tutorials page. In there we can discuss about the multiple features of Picsart MOD APK.

PicsArt Artifical Intelligence

In this modern era, AI can enhance our daily particular tasks and helps to achieve our goals much faster. In the addition of AI in picsart it became users top priority, it can have automated editing tools, object recognition and segmentation tools, smart filters and effects or enhanced retouching tools, it can suggest the content or also provide collage and compositions assistance and even more they optimized the performance. If you can take pictures on low end devices, picsart art can improve their stability and change your appearance and the picture looks wow…!

You can automatically enhance the algorithms of the image and automatically apply enhancement such as color correction, brightness adjustment, or noise reduction to upgrade the quality of the image. The AI can help you to select the most accurate pictures to edit and add the object recognition and removal background to the picture. AI can help you with facial recognition in photos and add filters and effects to the image to make it look better. They can also recommend you the overlays, stickers or other things based on the theme of the picture.

Picsart AI Story Generator

picsart AI story generator

With the addition of an AI story generator you can upload your pictures on a story where people can see your most amazing pictures.

AI Pet Emoji

Picsart introduced the AI pet avatar, you can customize your pets with a hundred emojis and also add them to your photo.

AI pet emoji in picsart

AI for Making Instant Ads

AI instant ads

By the help of Picsart mod apk, You can create your own ads with the help of ad pilots without giving any single penny. Small business owners can create our own multiple ads by downloading it.

More Features Of PicsArt AI

  • AI GIF Generator
  • AI Logo Maker
  • AI Text Art
  • AI Replace
  • AI Quote Maker
  • AI Anime Maker
  • AI Filters
  • AI Effects
  • AI Videos Maker
  • AI Memes Maker
  • AI Driven Suggestion
  • AI Powered Retouching
  • AI Face Enhancer
  • AI Portrait
  • 3D Imager Maker
  • AI Cartoon Maker
  • AI Smart Selection
  • AI Object Recognition
  • AI Artistic Effects
  • AI Background Removal
  • Auto Edit
  • AI Powered Filters
  • AI Cutouts

Pros & Cons Of Picsart Mod Apk


  • Picsart have a wide range of editing tools and features which helps you to create a unique and amazing outlook photo.
  • This app has a very user-friendly interface and it is simple and easy to use. Both professionals as well as beginners can gain benefit by using this app to unleash their minds creativity through it.
  • It has the widest range of emojis and stickers. You can add them to your creativity and make it more fantastic.
  • It’s a lot of filters and effects that enhance your videos’ photos.
  • This app has a strong community. By this you can share your creations on social media accounts and discover the same minded artist which creates a bond between them and you can also collaborate with many companies.
  • Pics art has an amazing feature by which you can easily remove the unwanted objects and blemishes from your photos.
  • It offers you a wide range of templates and many different styles of layouts and grid options by which you can make a frame of different photos together.


  • Picsart has advanced and unique features but it may require a subscription or in one app purchase.
  • This app is so powerful but it take some time to explore or to understand all the tools fully many kind of options are available in it.
  • Somehow the editing process is time taking occasionally if you edit and indicate the detailed edits.
  • Sometimes the app may experience bugs and glitches. But the team behind picsart quickly addressed and fixed them.
  • Sometimes apps may face crashes when you are in the middle of the editing which may be frustrating.
  • This app consumes a significant amount of storage space on your device if you use it frequently or working on it with high resolution images.
  • Some users may find the interface slightly overwhelming if they are new to photo editing apps.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions ????

PicsArt mod apk is a upgraded version of picsart app, In which you can use all the Gold and premium features without giving any single penny.

Yes, there is a software for PC, Where you can enhance your photo editing experience.

You can get free premium by downloading Picsart Mod Apk where you can get enjoy all paid tools and features for free.

Picsart can give you first month free trail to their users, However their premium plan cost is 155(INR) which convert to PKR is 525 for a month.

Yes, Picsart use watermark in your photos but when you download the Picsart MOD APK there is no watermark in it.

Yes, Picsart MOD is safe for use, We can do full research on it and this APK has nothing to worry about your data which is in your device.

Yes, You can use your gold premium subscription in 5 devices at a time. If you can use another device, Firstly you can remove up to 1 device and log in to another one.

Yes, Picsart user can sell their own picsart creation, You can sell it inside the picsart community or also outside the different platforms. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ETC)

Picsart owned by an Armenian Entrepreneur Hovhannes Avoyan, and Armenian programmers Artavazd Mehrabyan and Mikayel Vardanyan.

Yes, you can update it in our website when new version is uploaded, But you cannot update it on playstore.

Hovhannes Avoyan is the CEO and president of Picsart app.

Reviews About Picsart Mod Apk

There are many reviews about Picsart app and some are given below

Pricing Model For Picsart App???

  • Picsart Pro monthly subscription for android cost is 7$ and annual cost is about 84$ or plus subscription cost is 5$ per month and annual cost is about 60$.
  • In Pakistani Rupees, Picsart Pro monthly subscription cost is 1948 PKR and annual cost is about 23379 PKR or plus subscription cost is 1391 PKR per month and annual cost is about 16699 PKR.
  • In Indian Rupees, Picsart Pro monthly subscription cost is 582 INR and annual cost is about 6990 or plus subscription cost is 416 INR per month and annual cost is about 4993 INR.


Picsart Mod apk is a fantastic editing app for users where you can create collages, remix the images or you can edit the videos. It has  a very user-friendly interface. They have a lot of creative effects and filters. You can also add stickers and emojis to your photos to make them more attractive and visually beautiful. Its drawing tool can enhance the quality of your pictures. You can draw a sketch of your photo to make it adorable. You can also use the double exposure effect and the different style of layouts to make a collage of different photos in one frame. You have endless possibilities to express your artistic side.

This app has a versatile photo editing and creative app that allows users to edit photos, create collages. Overall, Picsart is an amazing app to create amazing content and get social media attention through it. Moreover, It is a wonderful app for beginners and professionals. They have a wide range of editing features to make it more versatile and amazing. By using it you can unleash your creativity and make stunning edits. It video editing feature help you bring your videos to life. Overall, It is a great and amazing editor app. You must try it and use it.

piksart mod apk

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PicsArt Mod APk

Android 6.0 To Up

80 MB