How to Resize Photos & Videos In PicsArt 2024?

resize photos

Picsart is an amazing  app which has all in one options available in it. You can easily resize photo and your edited video through picsart. You can even select any random photo from your gallery and enhance its outlook and make it visually beautiful. Here are some few simple and easy steps to make it possible.

How To Resize Photos In PicsArt??

For this purpose you have to follow some very easy steps which are described below and also see other editing tutorials to enhance your editing skill.

Step # 1→
  • Download the Picsart app on your device (mobile phones, web etc).
  • By Clicking Here, You can download picsart Mod apk.
Step # 2→
  • Open the picsart app on your device.
Open Picsart
Step # 3→
  • Now tap on the “+”  icon.
resize photos
Step # 4→
  • Now choose the photo from the gallery or search it online or even you can take a new photo.
resize photos
Step # 5→
  • Tap on the “Tools” option and select the resize photos from options.
resize photos
resize photos
Step # 6→
  •  Adjust the size of your photo by simply tapping on sliders or by manually entering the dimensions.
  •  Maintain the aspect ratio of your photo.
resize photos
Step # 7→
  • Make sure while resizing that the proportions of the image are preserved.
  • After resizing the photo according to your desire simply save it into your device by tapping the “save” option from it.
resize photos

Resize photos Of Different Images Simultaneously In The Picsart App

Yes, you can easily resize multiple kinds of images at once in the picsart app. It is a very super easy feature which saves time and effort. Just select the image from your device and choose the dimensions as per your need and the picsart does its magic.

Resize The Image For A Specific File Or Resize It Without Losing Its Quality Measures

Picsart has a lot of options by which you can resize photos as per your desire. You can choose the dimension file and and picsart automatically fit the image to the dimension file specific size or you can save it without losing its natural quality of visuality and it will remain maintained.


After Finalizing it, You can resize the photos and videos from it and also you can save it in your gallery.

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