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piksart for pc

App Name

Picsart Photo Editor

Release Date


Application Developer

PicsArt Incorporated


Photo Editing, Filters, Frames


200.4 MB


Gold & Premium

App NamePicsart Photo, Video
Realse Date12/26/2013
Application DeveloperPicsArt Incorporated
ClassificationPhoto Editing, Filters, Frames
Volume200.4 MB
SubscriptionGold & Premium
Last Updated : 27 January 2024

In this Modern Area, we cannot overstated the value of Pictures and Videos. Visual content has become an integral part of our communication, Entertainment and information sharing process. Pictures and videos are powerful tools to convey messages and our emotions. We can capture our life moments with it. So, Editing can help to make our emotions or pictures more delightful.

PicsArt is the best photo editor in the market and it is designed for enhancing your image colors, stabilization, effects, filters and many more options. Many people use this app on mobile but it is complicated on mobile compared to PC. On the desktop you can easily edit multiple photos at one time.

PicsArt For Blue Stack PC (Emulator)

If you want to unlock all the features on PC, you can require a blue stack emulator. If you have this so you can download APK file and enjoy your premium editing features for free or you can also check their old versions.

How To Download Picsart For PC????

You can download Picsart by using the below method.

Step # 1→
  • Firstly, open the Microsoft store.
Download guidness for pc
Step # 2→
  • Then search, “Picsart” on search bar.
Download guidness for pc
Step # 3→
  • So on top, You can see picsart, click on the download button and install it.
  • After downloading it, open the PicsArt app and create your account. You can create your account by registering it or add them with your Google, Microsoft, and Facebook accounts. 
  • After registering, The app wants to add a gold subscription if you don’t want it then simply use it free for a week trial. 
Download guidness for pc

Note: If you don’t want to perfom these steps. Simply click on the download link button which is given below.

Gold Features Of Picsart For PC

There are a lot of features of the Picsart Gold app which are explained below.

Pictures Editing Tools

There are various editing tools in picsart Pc such as Cropping tools which allows you to crop the image in a specific size or aspect ratio. Rotate tools which allow you to rotate the image in your desired orientation. Or also Adjust tools which allows you to adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast and more.

Text & Stickers

Picsart for pc offers you a wide range of text style and multiple styles stickers .You can use different kinds of quotes, text and add different emojis to your photos and videos. You can also share it to your social media followers.

Effects & Filters

Picsart is a great app for adding effects and filters to your has a wide variety of options to enhance your pictures and make them look even more amazing. It gives a different and unique look to your photos.

Drawing Tools

Picsart has amazing drawing tools. You can use a pencil icon to draw a doodle on your photos and videos. You also can resize and brush ,change your color and even draw with emojis. That’s a fun way to add your personal touch to your photos.

Collage Maker

Picsart has an amazing feature for making collages. This app allows you to make your photos in beautiful collages. It has a variety of layouts, add borders, adjust spacing, and even apply filters to each individual’s photos. You can add multiple photos to your frame.

Visual Transformations

Pics art adds a visual transformation tool to your photo and looks even more stunning. You can apply filters, adjust colors, add effects and create double exposures. It’s a great way to unleash your creativity and give your pictures an artistic touch.

Photo Remixing

This app has a feature of photo remixing which allows you to add creative touch to your photos by remixing them with other snap or chat media. This is a fun way to collaborate and create unique and personalized content.

Social Platforms

It has a wonderful community where you can share your edited photos, discover other photographers’ creative work and collaborate between them. It is a great platform to connect with like minded people where you can explore different hashtags, join and perform multiple challenges. This app plays a vibrant role in the field of community artists.

User Friendly

Picsart is incredible user friendly. Their intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to navigate and explore all the creative features which they can offer. It is enjoyable to use and make useful content.

Subscription Model

Picsart for PC has monthly or annually subscription which costs is given below.

  • Gold subscription cost yearly is 165.99$.
  • Gold subscription cost monthly is 22.99$.
  • In Pakistan the Gold subscription yearly cost is 45946.66 PKR.
  • In Pakistan the Gold subscription monthly cost  is 6363.72 PKR.
  • In India the Gold subscription yearly cost is 13786.61 INR
  • In India the Gold subscription monthly cost  is 1909.48 INR

Screenshots Of PicsArt for PC

Here, They are multiple screenshots of picsart gold Pc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, there is a software for PC, Where you can enhance your photo editing experience.

Yes, We can Use Picsart subscripton both on mobile and pc.

Yes, Picsart for pc offers you a free version but in there you can use only free tools there.

Users Review About Picsart for PC

Conclusion About Picsart For PC

Picsart for pc is a versatile photo editing and creative app that allows users to edit photos, create collages, and it also helps you to enhance your photos, create collages, draw sketches, and add  various filters and effects. Overall, Picsart is a mind blowing app to create amazing content and get social media attention through it.