How To Make Templates, Polaroid Effects, PNG TEXT, Passport Size Photos And Memes Through It in 2024

Templates, polaroid, PNG text

Picsart is an amazing app to create any kind of template. You can easily customize your design and reuse them again and again. You can customize your photos with their multiple functions.

How To Make Templates, Polaroid Effects, PNG TEXT, Passport Size Photos And Memes In PicsArt?

For this purpose you have to follow some very easy steps which are described below and also see other editing tutorials to enhance your editing skill.

Step # 1→

Download the Picsart app on your device (mobile phones, web etc).

  • By Clicking Here, You can download Picsart Mod apk.
Step # 2→
  • Open the picsart app on your device.
Open Picsart

Templates Effects

It has a large library of templates by which you can select templates according to your themes and decorate them as well. You don’t need to spend hours on it. It is a time saving as well as gives you ideas to enhance your creativity.

You can create your personalized templates by adding design or text in them. You can also change the colors and also write the quotes as per your taste. You can save your customized theme into many organized folders like by creating your personalized folders, according to your categories, making sub folders or by giving  them specific names.

templates effects

Polaroid Effects

The feature of picsart polaroid effects gives your creation a nostalgic vibe. It gives you an authentic look to your creations. You can customize them with adding stickers, text or personalized touch ups.

Key Effects Of Polaroids Effects

By polaroid effets you can give your photos a soft ,muted or some kind of blur or vintage look. It is used by many bloggers and artists to give any photo a look which just describes the whole story behind it. It gives it a timeless quality to it. You can add a polaroid effect and the polaroid frames to your photos to give them an aesthetic look. You can change the color to give them a black white effect.

polaroid effects

PNG Text

PNG TEXT is an amazing feature of picsart. It gives your photo a sleek look. Its friendly and intuitive interface helps you to achieve the desired look as per your needs.

Key Effects Of PNG Text

It is used to add fonts, size, colors, and effects. You can save your creativity or export it into your PNG text image or design any other projects. You can share your PNG TEXT image to social media platforms like Facebook , Instagram and twitter etc and you can also transparently export your PNG. It is an easy way to create your images into a unique photo.

PNG texts

Passport Size Photo

Picsart has an amazing feature of resizing your photo by the tools available in it. You can customize any kind of photo or fresh click picture into passport size images. It is a powerful editing app whose tools like crop, resize, and adjust the background to make a perfect passport size photo. After the desired length and shape you can save it into your device by just a single click.

passport photo

Create Memes

Memes can also be created through the picsart app. You can add captions , apple – eye catching and unleash your creativity to make your audience attractive or make them laugh.

Key Effects Of Create Memes

You have to create a photo visually appealing or relateable to the consequences which convey a strong emotional effect on them. Picsart has a huge library of funny emotional images which you can use in your projects or create meme art.

You can enhance your memes outlook by adding filters or effects to give them a unique and aesthetic look which mesmerize others. You can add text, captions and make your image a next  level meme which is relatable and even more hilarious. You can add your personal ups to your memes.



After Finalizing, You can do multiple tasks with the picsart. You can create funny memes and post them in to your different social media accounts and engage with many different peoples.

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